I am a queer Puerto Rican educator from The Bronx with over 15 years experience in youth development and wellness education. My background is in social work and sexual violence prevention, with expertise in gender, sexuality, media literacy, and reproductive justice. I work with students and adults to bring a community-wide approach to sexual health education, and my passion lies in working with young girls & marginalized genders of color to promote autonomy and self expression. 



The concept of a holistic approach to culturally relevant, accurate, and authentic health education should not be radical. Everyone deserves access to knowledge, information, and healing to help them build power and shape their lived experience in the world regardless of race, gender, income, age, ability, sexuality, ability, family structure, or mental health. People deserve to be treated as though they are experts in their own experiences.

Having grown up in the Bronx in an education system that was invested in keeping me in the dark about my identity and my body, I have a first hand understanding of whats at stake when we don't provide spaces for young people to explore the parts of themselves that society tells them that isn’t okay to explore. I work to build spaces of liberation and rebellion for young people directly and indirectly by arming both young people and the adults in their lives with the education, information, and love that they need to create the world they envision for themselves.




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